NASCAR’s Stewart engaged to drag racer Pruett


LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. — NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Tony Stewart is engaged to Leah Pruett, the NHRA drag racer he began dating at the start of the pandemic.

The pair announced their engagement in social media posts.

“So excited to spend the rest of my life with a truly amazing woman,” wrote Stewart. “She’s motivated, hard working, funny as hell, and as dedicated to her sport as anyone I’ve ever known. Love you babe.”

The pair was introduced by NHRA icon Don Prudhomme, but they did not begin dating until last March when sports shutdown at the start of the pandemic. Pruett invited Stewart to stay in Lake Havasu in Arizona for four days with friends and Stewart ended up staying for four months.

The two then traveled together when their respective racing schedules resumed.

“My personal life is the best it’s ever been, by far,” Stewart told The Associated Press in January. “She gets me. And I enjoy going to her events and being the one doing the supporting. I mean, if she wanted me to support her at basket-weaving competitions I probably wouldn’t enjoy it, but I am very happy with this relationship and where my life is right now.”

Stewart, who turns 50 in May, retired from NASCAR after the 2016 season. He still competes in various lower-level series across the country.

Pruett, 32, also shared the news in a corresponding Instagram post. The pair was photographed for the announcement at a card show in downtown Havasu.

“The undeniable level of love, happiness, and soulfulness we have together is monumental,” Pruett wrote. “He might run in circles, but is the straightest shooter and the salt of this earth… looking forward to a lifetime of sunrises and sunsets that the Lord has gifted us together. Love you babe!”

Stewart has never been married; Pruett was divorced last year.

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