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4.6 overs (1 Run)
The googly, Rahul looks to defend but it goes off the inner half towards mid-wicket for one. A superb start by Chahar.

4.5 overs (1 Run)
On middle, this is whipped through mid-wicket for one.

4.4 overs (0 Run)
Beauty! This lands on off, invites the batter to drive. Agarwal goes for it but it fizzes past the outside edge.

4.3 overs (1 Run)
Just wide! Shorter and on off, this one holds in the surface. Rahul is early in the push, it goes off the bottom wide of the bowler and down to long off for one.

4.2 overs (0 Run)
Shorter and on off, Rahul cuts but to point.

Rahul Chahar comes on to roll over his arm.

4.1 overs (0 Run)
That has spun big! Shorter and on off, Rahul lines up to pull it but it lands and then spins away. Rahul lets it go.

3.6 overs (0 Run)
Slower one again, on a length and outside off. Agarwal runs it to short third man.

3.5 overs (0 Run)
Slower length ball, on the stumps. Clipped away to mid-wicket.

3.4 overs (1 Run)
Full ball, outside off. Rahul drives it to sweeper cover for a single.

3.3 overs (1 Run)
Very full, outside off. Punched down to sweeper cover for one.

3.3 overs (5 Runs)
NO BALL AND FOUR! That slipped out of the hands! Trent Boult bowls a high full toss, outside off. Mayank Agarwal runs it over the man at short third man and to the ropes. Free hit coming up now.

3.2 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Kishan was hurt during this one! Length ball, outside off. Mayank Agarwal cuts it to point. Ishan Kishan fails to collect and the ball hits his body and then runs down to the fence.

3.1 overs (1 Run)
Length ball, outside off. Rahul runs it down to short third man and takes a quick single.

Change. Trent Boult is back in the attack.

2.6 overs (1 Run)
A single to end! Shorter and on middle, this is pulled down to fine leg for one. 9 from Bumrah’s first.

2.5 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! All the way! Shorter and on middle, Rahul swivels and pulls it, it goes off the top edge and over the fine leg fence for a biggie.
PBKS vs MI: Match 17: It's a SIX! KL Rahul hits Jasprit Bumrah. PBKS 24/0 (2.5 Ov). Target: 132; RRR: 6.29

2.4 overs (0 Run)
That got big on Rahul! Length and on off, takes off. Rahul does well to take one hand off the handle and play it to short third man.

2.3 overs (0 Run)
Good length and on off, Rahul pushes it to covers.

2.2 overs (0 Run)
On middle, this is worked to mid-wicket.

2.1 overs (2 Runs)
Two more! On the pads, this is worked through square leg for two.

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl now.

1.6 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! Great shot that! Loopy ball, around off. Mayank Agarwal hits it inside out all the way over extra cover fence. 15 from the over and Punjab will be happy.
PBKS vs MI: Match 17: It's a SIX! Mayank Agarwal hits Krunal Pandya. PBKS 16/0 (2.0 Ov). Target: 132; RRR: 6.44

1.5 overs (0 Run)
Fuller ball, around off. Agarwal defends it.

1.4 overs (1 Run)
Loopy ball, outside off. Pushed away past covers for one.

1.3 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Another one! Short ball again, on the stumps. Rahul pulls it to the mid-wicket fence.
PBKS vs MI: Match 17: KL Rahul hits Krunal Pandya for a 4! PBKS 9/0 (1.3 Ov). Target: 132; RRR: 6.65

1.2 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Poor ball and punished! Short and wide outside off. Rahul cuts it past point and gets four runs.
PBKS vs MI: Match 17: KL Rahul hits Krunal Pandya for a 4! PBKS 5/0 (1.2 Ov). Target: 132; RRR: 6.80

1.1 overs (0 Run)
Fuller ball, around off. Pushed to covers.

Who will bowl from the other end? Time for some spin, Krunal Pandya to bowl now.

0.6 over (0 Run)
Back of a length, outside off. Agarwal runs it straight to short third man. Just 1 from the over.

0.5 over (0 Run)
Length delivery, just outside off. Agarwal taps it to point.

0.4 over (0 Run)
Back of a length this time, outside off. Mayank Agarwal looks to cut it away but gets the bottom edge back to the keeper.

0.3 over (1 Run)
Off the mark! Full ball, on the pads. Rahul clips it towards mid-wicket and sets off. The fielder throws the ball at the bowler’s end but misses.

0.2 over (0 Run)
Good length ball, around off. Rahul punches it to mid off.

0.1 over (0 Run)
Nice looking shot for nothing. Full one, outside off. Rahul nails the off drive but the man at covers dives and stops the ball.

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