Why Is Dak Prescott Among The Highest-Paid Athletes In The NFL?

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Dak Prescott follows Patrick Mahomes as the second-highest-paid athlete in the NFL. Prescott was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round back in 2016. Now, he is estimated to make $75 million for his play in 2021, placing him in between Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. When it comes to the highest-paid athletes in the world, everyone wants to know what got them there in the first place. Let’s take a look at why Prescott is dominating the NFL as the second-highest-paid player.

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1. He signed a 4-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys for $164 million 

  • The 27-year-old quarterback is currently valued at around $75 million but has a lot of potential for growth with this contract. In addition, since the contract is only for four years, it opens doors for the possibility of an even higher-paying role once his time is up with the Cowboys.

2. He received guaranteed money at signing.

  • He was guaranteed $95 million upon signing with the Cowboys. The highest of all ‘guaranteed at signing’ earnings in the NFL.

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3. Playing in the 2020 franchise tag.

  • His participation in the 2020 franchise tag earned him $31.5 million! He proved himself to be a vital player on the field and his paycheck definitely reflects that.

4. Used being a free agent to his advantage.

  • Prescott was very thoughtful and intentional about signing and avoided long-term contracts upon his arrival in the NFL. Because of his decisions, he put himself in the position of being a free agent by 31 years old.

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