Why Is Patrick Mahomes The Highest-Paid Athlete In The NFL?

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Patrick Mahomes is one of the youngest players to have this standing as the highest-paid athlete in the NFL. His contract with the NFL is locked in for at least 10 years, and in just three seasons he has been able to make quite the name for himself in the football world.  He continues to turn heads with his athleticism and charisma, but let’s get into exactly why they pay him the big bucks. 

Patrick Mahomes's 10-Year Extension is Gigantic and Hilarious - Sports  Illustrated

1. He has a unique deal.

  • The 24-year-old signed a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, making history as the largest contract in the history of sports. His 12-year deal has the potential of being worth over $500 million. 

2. He has unmatched talent on the field. 

  • His resume isn’t like your typical quarterback, he’s been excellent from a young age. During the 2019 postseason alone, he accounted for 12 touchdowns, (passing and rushing) the most in NFL history. 

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes on track to play in AFC title game | The Japan  Times

3. His arm is practically a cannon. 

  • He ranks number one in the league in touchdown passes with 22 touchdown passes, 20 or more yards downfield. This is 8 more than anyone else who comes close to him.

4. His Super Bowl efforts were phenomenal.

  • He became the youngest quarterback in the NFL history to win both an MVP and Super Bowl title, surpassing Brett Favre and Tom Brady as the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl

NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes on His Go-To Workouts and  How He Makes Those Crazy Sidearm Throws

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