Why Is Russell Wilson Among The Highest-Paid Athletes In The NFL?

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Russell Wilson is one of the NFL vets that stayed loyal to his team and made a big paycheck while doing so. He was signed to the Seattle Seahawks in 2012 and has stayed with them ever since. His talent is undeniable and he tends to keep his viewers glued to the TV screen, but all of this aside, some still wonder why in the world he gets paid so much. Let’s lay it out.

Seahawks Russell Wilson Trade Asking Price Revealed

He was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round of the draft upon his entry into the NFL and has been named to 8 pro bowls since his career in the NFL began.

  • In addition, he’s started in two Super Bowl games and helped lead his team to victory over the Denver Broncos. These achievements are not easy to do, thus he gained a lot of attention and praise for his athleticism and hard work.

His current contract ensures he’ll pretty much be set for life.

  • Wilson is currently still signed to the Seattle Seahawks through the 2023 season. Through this deal, he will earn about $35 million per year.

Russell Wilson Becomes N.F.L.'s Highest Paid Player - The New York Times

He’s a record-breaker.

  • Wilson has the second-highest career passing rating to this day. He has been named to eight pro bowls.  This is a pretty huge deal, not to mention he is one of four players in the NFL who has ever had a passing rating over 100. 

He shows up and he shows out.

  • Russell rarely turns down a challenge and never gives up. In his entire career, he has only missed two games which shows intense dedication to his role with the Seattle Seahawks. His commitment to the game has reflected in high pay, as it should, we see you, Russ!

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