Gritty fulfills a Philadelphia Flyers fan’s request by throwing a cake at her


The Philadelphia Flyers will not be going to the Stanley Cup playoffs and their season ends Monday night. Gritty, the Flyers’ mascot, is using the occasion to reflect on the season

“I got naked (a lot), played in a ball pit, rode a mechanical bull, vacationed in Tahoe, hired (and pretty much immediately fired) my first intern, threw some cake, and danced my lil dancey dance,” Gritty said, recapping his year, in a tweet on May 6.

Gritty also realized how selfish he had been, doing only antics for himself.

“I’ve been doing ME, whatever I wanted to do,” Gritty said. “But I didn’t even consider asking.. what do YOU want me to do?”

Enter one persistent Flyers fan. Since January of 2020, a Flyers fan, known as @KnittyKitty has requested that the mascot throw a sheet cake at her.

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